Myrtle Barnitz

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  • Myrtle
  • Bertha
  • Townsend
  • Barnitz
  • Henry Wilson Barnitz (December 27, 1863, Berwick, Pennsylvania-December 16, 1916, Berwick, Pennsylvania) artist parents Alexander McLean Barnitz (artist and Methodist minister) and Sarah Elizabeth Barnitz; brother of Lincoln Gray, Susan Gray, Sarah, maybe Charles McLean, plus two more  
  • Sarah Garner Barnitz (1893-1895) Wright Townsend Barnitz (1894-1895) Henry “Harry” Longfellow (8/15/1895-1/7/1974) married Elizabeth “Bippy” Downing (1899-1979) Thomas Garner Barnitz (1897-1971) married Frieda V. (1898-1922?) Gunnar Barnitz (1898 - ?) Walter Downing Barnitz (1899- April 7, 1934) married Ruth Luetta McNamee (1905-?) Rudolph McLean Barnitz (1901-1961) married Gretel Isael Hanna (1911-1987) Robert Gray Barnitz (1904-1985) married Harryet Boal (1902-2000) Alfred Perdue Barnitz (1907-1984) married Mary Catherine (Mae) Sykora (1908-1987) Claire Marie Barnitz (12/25/1911 or 1912-3/12/1988) married Theodore Gladstone Coffin (1907-1963); had 5 kids, 3 died; born and died in Glenview, IL; photo 
  • March 29, 1865
  • Greensburg, Pennsylvania
  • April 20, 1946
  • Glenview, Illinois
  • 1880: Greensburgh, Pennsylvania

    1896-1904: Springfield, Ohio

    1898 or 1899: Urbana, Ohio

    1904-1905: Columbus, Ohio

    1904-circa 1910: Chicago, Illinois

    1910-circa 1930: Northfield, Illinois

    at some point, Glenview, Illinois

    1940: Elgin, Illinois
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Conte Crayon, Painter-Oil, Pastelist, Sculptor, Watercolorist
  • Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, student of Thomas Pollock Anschutz
    Student of Charles Francis Browne, Thomas Hovenden, William Gilchrist and Hugh Breckenridge
  • Array
  • 1899-1900: Ohio State Fair, Columbus, Ohio

    1928: The Daily Herald, Chicago for 2/24/1928: two pictures in exhibit, including Streets of Gold

    Chicago No-Jury Society Exhibition

    Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

    1920: exhibit listed in The Daily Herald from Arlington Heights, IL. Sept. 24

    1978: The Barnitz Triad: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture, Springfield Art Center, Springfield, Illinois
  • Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Glenview Historical Society, Glenview, Illinois

    Mrs. John Acton, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Mr. Downing Barnitz, Lakeland, Florida

    Mrs. Eckert Barnitz, Indianapolis, Indiana

    Mr. Harry W. Barnitz, Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania

    Mrs. Henry Longfellow Barnitz, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

    Mr. Nevin Barnitz, Mifflinbrug, Pennsylvania

    Robert Gray Barnitz, Urbana, Ohio

    Mrs. Rudolph M. Barnitz, Santa Barbara, California

    Mrs. Walter D. Barnitz, Santa Barbara, California

    Mrs. Clarence R. Bert, Indianapolis, Indiana

    Mr. Robert Coffin, Glenview, Illinois

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gladish, Oracle, Arizona

    Mrs. Richard L. Goerwitz, Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania

    Mr. Nicholas Jastock, Glenview, Illinois

    Rt. Rev. Louis B. King, Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania

    Mrs. Gunner Nilson, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

    Mrs. Herbert Osborn, Washington, D.C.

    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Schnarr, Douglasville, Pennsylvania

    Mr. Marvin Stevens, Glenview, Illinois





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  • Chicago No-Jury Society
  • 1899 and 1900: awards for sculpture, Ohio State Fair, Columbus, Ohio
  • teacher

  • Two youngest kids kidnapped in January 1921 by her son Thomas, who had suffered from being gassed during WWI and lived in Houston, Texas with his new wife.