Mary Armstrong

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  • Mary
  • Louise
  • Duffy Armstrong Duffy Farrell Duffy Armstron Farrell
  • Armstrong
  • 2014 to present (2020): James W. Farrell, MD
  • 1977-1982 : David J. Popovich 1987–1990: Randall Armstrong –
  • Elizabeth Popovich Dietrich
  • September 13, 1950
  • Evanston, Illinois
  • Caucasian
  • 1972: Peoria, Illinois

    1973: Novato, California

    1974: Honolulu, Kaneohe and Kailua, Hawaii

    late 1980 to January of 1982: Springfield, Illinois

    1982-2014: Peoria, Illinois

    2014-present (2020): Pekin, Illinois
  • Peoria, Illinois

    Pekin, Illinois
  • 2014-present (2020): Pekin, Illinois March 2019-present (2020): Peoria, Illinois
  • Aquatint, Collage, Collograph, Digital Photographer, Drawing, Drypoint, Mixed Media, Monotype, Photographer, Printmaker
  • 1964 – 1968Forest View High School, Arlington Heights, Illinois; student of William Faust and John L. Doyle
    1968 – 1972: Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois; noted professors: Gerald Fromberg, James Hansen, Richard Huntington, Ron Linden, Dow Mitchell, Karl Moehl, Kim Mosley, Nita Sunderland; guest artist, Minor White
    1972: University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign; Graduate Level Photography Course, Art Sinsabaugh
    1976: Illinois Central College ; student of James Winn, Watercolor
    2018: Elizabeth Davis Studio/Contemporary Art Center, Peoria, Illinois; encaustic
    2018: Stephen Prince Workshop/Contemporary Art Center, Peoria, Illinois; monotype printing
  • Illinois and Iowa

    Northern California to Eugene, Oregon

    Novato, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Los Angeles and coastal areas, California

    Rome, Florence and Tuscany, Italy

    Paris and Nantes, France
  • Array
  • January 1979: Artistudio Group Show, Framin' Place and Gallery, Peoria Heights, Illnois

    February 1979: Graduate School Gallery, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois (solo)

    April 1979: Selected Works from the Sales/Rental Gallery, Lakeview Museum of Art and Sciences, Peoria, Illinois

    October 1979: Artistudio Group Show, various locations, Peoria, Illinois

    July 2008: Picture This Gallery, Peoria Heights, Illinois (solo)

    July 7-27, 2018: Visual Voices: CIAO Group Show, Peoria Public Library, Peoria, Illinois

    October 1-November 15, 2018: Local Inspiration, Exhibit A Gallery, Peoria Heights, Illinois

    March 9-April 20, 2018: CIAO Celebrates at CAC, Contemporary Art Center, Peoria, Illinois

    September 7–29, 2018: Hot CIAO V, Studios on Sheridan, Peoria, Illinois

    April 12-May4, 2019: River Meets the Rails, Galesburg Civic Art Center, Galesburg, Illinois

    May 3-31, 2019: 2019 Member Show 12x12, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, Illinois

    Armstrong/Musaro/Ernst, private gallery show, Peoria, Illinois; Huntington, New York; Tel Aviv, Israel; and Boston, Massachusetts

    Springfield Women Photographers, Lakeview Museum of Art and Sciences, Peoria, Illinois
  • University of Illinois/UC

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  • Artistudio, Peoria, Illinois
  • 2018: Third Place, Hot CIAO V, Studios on Sheridan, Peoria, Illinois

    2019: Honorable Mention, 2019 Member Show 12 x 12, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, Illinois: My Room

  • 1972-1973: Activity Therapist, St. Francis Hospital, Peoria, Illinois

    1977-1980: Curator of Education, Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences, Peoria, Illinois

    1982-1984: Public Relations Director, Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences, Peoria, Illinois

    1984-1987: Investor Services Manager, Knoxville Associates, Peoria, Illinois

    1987-1988: Corporate Sales, Teleconnect, Peoria, Illinois

    1988-1990: Corporate Sales, Copy Products, Peoria, Illinois

    1990-1991: Executive Director, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, Illinois

    1991-1996: Director of Development, Slane College of Communications and  Fine Arts, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois

    1997-2009: Financial Services Advisor, MassMutual/MML Investors, Peoria, Illinois

    1999-2003: Associate Director, TOIRMA (Township Risk Management), Peoria, Illinois

    2003-2009: Director of Marketing and Development, Goodwill Industries of Central Illinois, , Peoria, Illinois

    2009-2012: Director of Development, Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois

    2012-2014: Senior Director Planned Giving, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois
  • Duffy grew up in the Chicago area and first found her first passion in music.  She studied and trained in classical music and at age 12, discovered her fear of performing in front of large audiences. Yikes! That experience led her to other pursuits in the arts where her interest shifted to Fine Art.

    Duffy went on to study art and earned a BFA from Bradley University, focusing on drawing, printmaking and photography. While at Bradley, she received encouragement and critiques from a visiting artist, Minor White, which it turns out helped spurn a lifelong interest and “love” of art which continues today.

    She has many other artists that have significantly and personally guided her art; Kim Mosley, Dow Mitchell, Nita Sunderland, Art Sinsabaugh, Luther Smith and Francois Deschamps to credit a few.

    Involved in the initial process of creating and bring the Fine Art Fair to downtown Peoria which is viewed as one of the top shows in the U.S. today.

    Worked doing commercial silk screening at Muir Omnigraphics.

    In 1996 she helped found the Friends of Art in order to establish Cradle Oak Press, the art department master print program. John Chamberlain, Philip Pearlstein, Hollis Sigler, Carol Wax, Wayne Kimball, Warrington Colescott, Susan Sensemann, Leonard Baskin, Robert Natkin and other renowned artists worked with Oscar Gillespie and the Friends in intimate gatherings to share their work, ideas and to help the Friends develop as fine art collectors.

    Curator for the Sculpture Walk Peoria for 2015, 2016 and 2017.