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  • Horace Clark, born Peoria, Illinois. His father was the Vice President of a local bank. His family was prominent in Peoria. He studied at Duke University, Durham, NC from 1929-1931. He then transferred to the Designer’s Art School in Boston, MA from 1931-1932. He attended the Art Institute of Chicago from 1932-1933. Married in 1934. In 1941, they both joined the art school faculty at the University of Arizona. During the war, he worked for 3 years at the Davis-Monthan Air Base. He completed his BFA at the University of Arizona in 1946.  He then accepted a teaching job at Syracuse University School of Art, where he taught until 1975.. After suffering a stroke in 1972, he learned to paint with his left hand.

  • 3 children
  • January 10, 1910
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • May 22, 1994
  • Springville, New York
  • 1941-1946: Arizona

    1946-?: 5570 S. Salina, Syracuse, New York

    151 Cattaraugus St., Springville, New York

  • Chicago, Illinois

    1941-1946: Arizona

    1946- : Syracuse, New York
  • in Syracuse, in rear of house, shared with husband
  • Sculptor
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
    Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    British Academy, Rome, Italy
    student of John Storrs (her uncle)
  • Array
  • 1938: New Horizons in American Art, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    July 28-October 9, 1938: Art for the Public by Chicago Artists of the Federal Art Project, Works Progress Administration, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; Peace, half-size plaster model for stone; Harvest, half-size plaster model for stone; Tom Sawyer, full-size plaster model for cast stone; Alice in Wonderland, full-size plaster model for cast stone

    July 1 - Aug. 8, 1935: Paintings and Designs: Works Made For The W.P.A. of Illinois By Artists Of Chicago And Vicinity, Renaissance Society, Chicago, Illinois; maquette for Peace

    1983: After the Great Crash: New Deal Art in Illinois, Illinois State Museum, Springfield, Illinois
  • Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.

  • Federal Art Project

    1941-1946: member of faculty at Art School, University of Arizona.
  • page on WPA Mural website
  • Niece of sculptor John Storrs.

    Love to play tennis with her husband, even after his stroke in 1972.  Mary liked to read aloud to Horace in the evenings. He sometimes used her readings as inspiration for his paintings