Lillian Bartels

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  • Lillian
  • M(arie?)
  • Bartels
  • Bartels
  • n/a
  • Illinois
  • after October 21, 1930
  • 1893, 1894: 41 Athenaeum Building (studio), Chicago, Illinois

    1895: 4 Rue Robert Estienne, Paris

    1899: 788 Adams St., Chicago, Illinois

    2128 Warren St., Chicago, Illinois

    winter 1915: wintered with parents in Biloxi, Mississippi
  • Paris, France

    Chicago, Illinois
  • Painter-Oil
  • Chicago
    Dusseldorf, Germany
    1895: studied with William-Adolphe Bouguereau Gabriel Ferrier in Paris
    student of Lasar?
  • Paris, France

    Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Array
  • 1893: World's Columbian Exposition, Women's Department, Chicago, Illinois

    1895: Annual Exhibition, Palette Club, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; Preparing for the Sneeze, oil on canvas and An Old Salt at Ease, drawing

    National Academy of Design, Washington, DC.

    Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Palette Club, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1929: took out patent for wardrobe trunk
  • Daughter of William H. Bartels, publisher, and Marie Baeder Bartels.  Sister was Florence L. Bartels; brother William died in infancy.