Julia Wendt

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  • Julia
  • M
  • Bracken
  • exhibited as Julia Bracken
  • Wendt
  • William Wendt; landscape painter; met in hotel while working on the 1893 Fair; married 1906 German immigrant to American at age 15
  • June 10, 1871
  • Apple River, Illinois
  • June 22, 1942
  • Laguna Beach, California
  • Irish
  • 1876: Galena, Illinois

    1892-1893: hotel near grounds of World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois; with Janet Scudder, Carol Brooks, Enid Yandell, Bessie Potter Vonnoh

    1906-1936: Los Angeles, California

    summer 1908: Chicago, Illinois

    1909-1910: Chicago, Illinois

    1936-1942: Laguna Beach, California

    Englewood, Illinois
  • Chicago, Illinois

    Los Angeles, California
  • #19 Studio Tree Bldg., State & Ontario streets, Chicago, Illinois 1906-?: 2814 N. Sichel St., Los Angeles, California; with her husband
  • Sculptor
  • 1887-1892: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; Student of Lorado Taft; paid for by Alice Stahl
  • Array
  • 1893: World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois

    1895: Annual Exhibition, Palette Club, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    May 1-October 31, 1897: Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition, Nashville, Tennessee:  Relief; Bust of Child

    Annual Exhibition of Works by Chicago Artists, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 1899-1910: (9 times)

    February 3-?, 1903: Annual Exhibition of Works by Chicago and Vicinity Artists, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; Mrs. Patrick Campbell

    January 29-February 24, 1907: Exhibition of Works by Chicago Artists, The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois: Memorial Tablet, plaster

    1904: Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St Louis, Missouri

    1905: Chicago Municipal League, Chicago, Illinois

    1908: The Chicago Society of Artists, The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; bronze relief; An American Girl, plaster

    1909: exhibit of work by both Wendts, The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; 16 plaster sculptures

    1915: Pan-California Expo, San Diego, California

    1918: California Art Club,

    1921: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois [exhibit with husband]

    1929: National Sculpture Society,

    National Sculpture Society, Los Angeles Museum, Los Angeles, California
  • Vanderpoel Art Museum Collection

    Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, Illinois

    Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California
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  • Bohemia Guild, Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago Society of Artists, Chicago, Illinois [served on board]

    Chicago Municipal Art League, Chicago, Illinois

    Cosmopolitan Art Club, Chicago, Illinois

    Industrial Art League, Chicago, Illinois [served on board]

    Municipal Art League, Chicago, Illinois [served on board]

    Society of Western Artists, Chicago, Illinois

    Los Angeles Fine Art Association, Los Angeles, California [3 years]

    California Art Society, Los Angeles, California [helped start it]


    Three Arts Club of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

    Laguna Beach Art Association, Laguna Beach, California
  • Missionary Ridge, Tennessee

    1898: Sculpture Prize, Chicago, Illinois [first one in Chicago for sculpture]

    1905: Municipal Art League Prize, Chicago, Illinois

    1915: Gold Medal, Pan-California Exposition, San Diego, California

    1918: Harrison Prize, Los Angeles, California


    Commissions: 1892: Illinois Welcoming the Nations for Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois

    Exposition Park, Los Angeles, California

    Battle Monument,
  • 1984: domestic, home of Alice B. Stahl, Evanston, Illinois

    1887-1892: Member of White Rabbits group helping Lorado Taft complete sculpture for Columbian Expo 1893

    7 years: Teacher, Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, California
  • page on the "Women Out West" blog
  • Parents:  Andrew and Mary McNamara Bracken

    Siblings:  12

    after the 1893 Fair, she cared for her terminally ill father and orphaned children of one sister

    suffragette; see her “Open Letter” in Anthony E. Anderson’s column, “Art and Artists,” Los Angeles Times, Decembe 26, 1898

    see also Los Angeles Times, September 7, 1919