Emily White

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  • Emily
  • Howard
  • White
  • Emily Howard White
  • White
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • February 4, 1862
  • Norris, Illinois
  • 1895: 2332 Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois

    ?-1905: Peoria, IL

    1905-?: Los Angeles, California

    Laguna Beach, California
  • Peoria, Illinois

    Los Angeles, California

    Laguna Beach, California
  • Harrison St., corner of Hamilton Blvd., Peoria; with sister Nona White William Wendt’s former studio, Los Angeles, California
  • Painter-Oil, Watercolorist
  • 4 years: School of the Art Institute of Chicago; student of Jules Guerin       
    Ogunquit Art Colony, Ogunquit, Maine; Student of Charles H Woodbury
  • Array
  • Southern California             

    Peoria, Illinois

    Royars Gallery, Los Angeles, California
  • Peoria Women's Club, Peoria, Illinois

    Peoria Historical Society, Peoria, Illinois
  • Teacher of painting, Peoria, Illinois

    taught china painting