Belle Baranceanu

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  • Belle
  • Goldschlager
  • Belle Goldschlager Belle Goldschlager Baranceanu
  • Baranceanu
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • July 17, 1902
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • January 10, 1988
  • La Jolla, California
  • Romanian Jewish
  • 1902-?: Chicago, Illinois

    ?-1920: Williston, North Dakota

    1920-1925: Minneapolis, Minnesota

    1925-26, 1929-1933: Chicago, Illinois

    1927-1929: Los Angeles, California with uncle Zack Baroney

    1933-1988: San Diego, California,
  • Chicago, Illinois

    San Diego, California

  • Block Printer, Illustrator, Muralist, Painter-Oil
  • 1921: graduated from West High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    1921-1925: Minneapolis School of Fine Art, College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, Minnesota under Anthony Angarola
    1925: School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; student of Cameron Booth, Richard Lahey, and Morris Davidson
  • Array
  • 1926: Annual Exhibition of American Painting and Sculpture, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois: Riverview Section

    1931, 1938: Annual Exhibition of Works by Chicago and Vicinity Artists, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    1934: San Diego, Grossmutter

    1937: Annual Exhibition of Water Colors, Pastels and Miniatures by American Artists, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    1939: Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco, California

    Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York

    1943-1946: National Academy of Design, New York, New York

    1927: Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri

    1928: Illinois Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago, Illinois

    1931: Little Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

    1932: Chicago Woman's Aid

    1933, 1934, 1937, 1939: Exhibition of Southern California Art, San Diego, California

    1935: California Pacific Exposition, San Francisco, California

    November 8-December 15, 1965: Belle Baranceanu: A Retrospective, Mandeville Gallery, University of California, San Diego, California.   (catalog produced)

    Los Angeles County Museum of Art

    Nebraska Art Association

    San Diego (CA) Fine Arts Gallery

    Carnegie Institute

    Denver Art Museum

    John Herron Art Institute of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana

    Des Moines Association of Fine Arts
  • San Diego Historical Society, San Diego, California
  • Dijkstra, Bram and Anne Weaver. Belle Baranceanu - A Retrospective. La Jolla: University of California, San Diego, 1985. Dijkstra, Bram. On the Edge of America: California Modernist Art. Ed. Karlstrom, Paul, Berkeley: University of California Press, 1996. pp. 170-71. Heller, Jules and Nancy G. Heller, eds. North American Women Artists of the Twentieth Century: A Biographical Dictionary. New York & London: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1995. p. 49. Jacobson, J. Z., ed. Art of Today: Chicago, 1933. Chicago: L. M. Stein, Publisher, 1932. pp. 42, 43, 139. Kammerling, Bruce. "Belle Baranceanu: (1902-1988)," (The Journal of San Diego History, Summer 1994, vol.40 no.3) Kennedy, Elizabeth, ed. Chicago Modern 1893-1945: Pursuit of the New. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2004. pp. 58, 59, 87. New Deal Art: California. de Saisset Art Gallery and Museum, University of Santa Clara, 1976. Her work has been written about in The American Magazine of Art, Dawn, The Christian Science Monitor, The Reflex and various other publications, by Charles Fabens Kelley, S. P. Rudens, Karen Fish, Tom Vickerman and Peggy Wolf.
  • Chicago Society of Artists

    Chicago No-Jury Society of Artists

    San Diego Art Guild; elected President 1950
  • 1931: Honorable Mention, San Diego Art Guild Annual, San Diego Art Guild, San Diego, California: Wabash Avenue Bridge

    1931: Clyde M. Carr Prize, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois: Wabash Avenue Bridge

    1936: Silver Medal for Achievement in Art, California Pacific International Exposition

    1937: Second PrizeSan Diego Art Guild, San Diego, California: Deer, linocut

    1940: Annual First Prize in Graphics, San Diego Art Guild, San Diego, California: Drill Baboon

    1941: First Honorable Mention, Escondido Annual Art Exhibition, Escondido, California: Brick Factory

    Chicago Society of Artists

    1945: First Honorable Mention, Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado: Drill Baboon


  • San Diego Historical Society
  • Teacher, private classes

    1946-1951: San Diego School of Arts and Crafts

    1946-1969: taught at Frances Parker School, San Diego, California

    1934-1940: worked for WPA/FAP, California

    1936-1939: made cover designs and illustrations for WPA Curriculum Projects books

    1959: taught at California Western University, San Diego, California

    taught at La Jolla School of Arts and Crafts, La Jolla, California
  • Both parents were Romanian Jewish immigrants; she and her sister Teresa grew up on their maternal grandparents’ farm in Williston, North Dakota until her parents remarried in 1920.

    Baranceanu was her mother’s maiden name, which she took in 1932; Goldschlager was her father’s name.

    Late in life, afflicted by Alzheimer's Disease.