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  • Angie
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  • Cox
  • Amaariah George Cox (Munda, New York 1849-1941) They met while she was visiting her Aunt Belle Smith in Chicago; married September 30, 1896; his second marriage for a short time a school teacher in rural schools in New York. From 1868 until the panic of 1873 he worked for a tug and wrecking business in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1874 he began working for the Rubber Paint Company for $1,000 annually, and within the year the company placed him in charge of the Chicago branch. Shortly thereafter he became the exclusive handler for Carter White Lead Company in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Biographical information on website for Angie W. Cox Public Library; information on his business career
  • Step-children:  Olive and Blanche
  • January 1, 1870
  • Pardeeville, Wisconsin
  • February 18, 1955
  • 1902: 4629 Prairie Ave., Chicago, Illinois

    1905: 5206 S. Park Ave., Chicago, Illinois
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Designer
  • 1891: graduated State Normal College, Florence, Alabama [financed by her Uncle Asa]
  • ?-August 2, 1902: Art Institute of Chicago: ceramics

    December 16, 1902-January 10, 1903: First Annual Exhibition of Original Designs for Decorations and Examples of Art Crafts Having Distinct Artistic Merit, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois:   salad set, bowl and 6 plates; stein

    March 30-April 19, 1905: Exhibition of Drawings by the Alumni Association of Decorative Designers of the Art Institute of Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; Mosaic mantel and hearth; Dresser trays; broth bowl; plate
  • 1891: taught in Ironwood, Michigan schools

    1953: board of directors, Principia College

    founded Angie W. Cox Public Library, Pardeeville, Wisconsin
  • extensive biographical information on Angie W. Cox Public Library website