Susan Moody

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  • Susan
  • Isabel
  • Moody
  • Susan I. Moody
  • Moody
  • n/a
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  • November 20, 1851
  • Amsterdam, New York
  • October 23, 1934
  • Tehran, Iran
  • 1888 Chicago City Directory listed under ARTISTS. 326 Graves Pl. Chicago

    1889 Chicago City Directory: “Mrs. Susan I Moody artist. 3226 Graves Pl” Chicago

    "John A. Moody. supt.  h. 3226 Graves Pl" -- her brother

    1893: 4404 Champlain Ave., Chicago, Illinois

    NOT in 1902 or 1905 directory,  John still on Champlain

    1906 Directory: 230 S Hoyne Av., Chicago. listed as Physician

    1909: 230 S. Hayne Ave., Chicago, Illinois

    1909-1934: Tehran, Iran
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Painter-Oil, Sculptor
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
    Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • April 24-May 10, 1891: Eighth Annual Exhibition Palette Club, The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; The Home of an Old Settler, oil; White River in June, oil; “Peterkin”, oil; Lena’s Daily Stint, oil

    December 1, 1892-?: Tenth Annual Exhibition of the Palette Club, The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; A Gray Day, oil; Sunset, watercolor

    1893: Illinois Woman’s Exposition at the Fair; Peterkin, oil

    1895: Palette Club, Chicago, Illinois; Wild Flowers of Bryn Mawr, oil; Millet’s Model for “the Angelus”, oil; The Hollander, drawing
  • The Palette Club, Chicago, Illinois
  • from 1909 to 1934: physician
  • information on work as a doctor in Iran

    information on activities as Baha'i member

    founder of first Baha'i Sunday School in Chicago
  • 1909 passport application: 5’3”, grey eyes, gray hair, oval face

    Brother:  John A. Moody, 4404 Champlain Ave., Chicago, Illinois

    1902, 1905: member University Club