Mary Garvin-Lovins

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  • Mary
  • Leola
  • Garvin
  • birth name was Leola Marie Garvin
  • Garvin-Lovins
  • George Lovins (?-1952); married 1941 at Macon County Courthouse insurance agent in Bement, Illinois
  • Cecil "Bud" Miller; married secretly late October 1929 in Champaign, Illinois but marriage was undocumented and they separated in 1931 following an embezzlement scandal that put her in jail
  • children of Garvin and Cecil "Bud" Miller prior to their marriage Mary Bud (1927-?) Jean Louise (1929-?)
  • October 1, 1906
  • Assumption, Illinois
  • November 22, 1961
  • Decatur, Illinois
  • 1906-1928: Assumption, Illinois

    1928-early 1950s: Decatur, Illinois

    early 1950s -?: Bement, Illinois
  • Decatur, Illinois

    Bement, Illinois
  • Painter-Oil, Pastelist
  • Browns Business College, Decatur, Illinois
    self-taught painter
  • Array
  • 1958, 1960,1961: Town and Country Art Shows' traveling collection

    1960: Illinois State Fair, Springfield, Illinois

    St. Louis, Missouri

    Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Bement Art Centre, Bement, Illinois; co-founder with Mrs. Dr. Scott

    Dauber's Club, Monticello, Illinois; charter member
  • 1960: Governor's Award, Illinois State Fair, Springfield, Illinois
  • writer of short stories, essays, poems


    1936-?:  worked for WPA's Fine Arts Program, handcrafting toys at workshop in Decatur, Illinois, known as the Macon County Toy Project
  • see essay on this website