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  • Marion
  • Lucy
  • Mahony
  • Marion Mahony
  • Griffin
  • Walter Burley Griffin (?-1937), architect married June 29, 1911 in Michigan City, Indiana
  • February 14, 1871
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • 1961
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • 1871-1914: Chicago, Illinois

    1914-1916: Canberra, Australia

    1916-1935: Melbourne, Australia

    1935-1937: Lucknow, India

    1937-1938 : Australia

    1938-1961: Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois

  • 1894-1914: Chicago, Illinois         

    1914-1937: Australia and India

    1938-1961: Chicago, Illinois
  • Oak Park, Illinois Chicago, Illinois  
  • Architect, Illustrator, Muralist, Watercolorist
  • 1890-1994: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, School of Architecture; the 2nd woman in architecture to graduate
  • Array
  • Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    2008: Major Artists from the Midwest, Decatur, Illinois

    September 230December 4, 2005: Marion Mahony Griffin: Drawing the Form of Nature, Block Museum, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
  • Art Gallery of Victoria, Victoria, Australia

    The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    Avery Library, Columbia University, New York, New York

    Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Evanston, Illinois

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum

    Newman College, Australia

    school in Rogers Park

    State Library of Victoria, Victoria, Australia

    Willoughby Council, New South Wales, Australia
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  • Arts and Crafts Society, Chicago, Illinois; founding member

    1897-?: Chicago Architectural Club; founding member

    1930: Sydney Anthroposophical Society, Sydney, Australia
  • Australian Archives, Canberra, Australia
  • 1894-1895: Apprentice to architect Dwight D. Perkins

    1895-1908: Assistant to Frank Lloyd Wright


    community planner
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  • First registered woman architect in Illinois