Janice Aponte

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  • AponteART773@gmail.com
  • Janice
  • Aponte
  • Aponte
  • married February 15, 2020?
  • Ruben Bryan
  • 1969
  • Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • Chicago
  • Mixed Media, Painter-Acrylic, Pastelist
  • Business degree with major in accounting

  • 2011: ARTery Exhibit, Glenwood Ave Arts Fest, Chicago, Illinois

     2012: Northern Trust Art Expo, Northern Trust Bank, Chicago, Illinois

  • accountant
  • https://www.aponteart.com/
  • As a child growing up in New York City, I loved creating art and instinctively drew and sketched at the age of 8. As a woman my transition into oil panting has allowed me to express myself on a more spiritual level. During my creative process I am releasing energy, recharging and heightening my spirituality. Art helps me discover and develop my inner strengths while allowing the viewer into my world.

    I live in Chicago and work from studio#30 at Workshop4200 in the heart of Hermosa. I paint pieces inspired by my travels and experiences that touch my life. I use a variety of tools to create texture in my paintings, including pallet knives, brushes, sponges, combs and my bare hands. I work in layers, to add more depth and substance to my pieces. Oil paint is my favorite medium of preference but I also love pastels, acrylics and mixed media. My work is a mix of expressionism and realism that evokes femininity, love, and my cultural roots through the dance of color.

    My works of art echo spirit, hope, and endurance as their central themes. I like to think of my work as the purest form of expression of love and freedom.

    I am a native Puerto Rican born in Ponce and raised in New York City.  At the age of 15, I returned to Puerto Rico and remained there until my search for a brighter future brought my family to Chicago.  My professional background is in Business with a major in Accounting.  I currently live in the Northwest side of the city with my sons, Ruben and Bryan and continue to work in accounting.

    I did not truly find my voice in the arts until somewhat later in my life.  Nonetheless, art has always been a part of me.  It was not until a few years ago, however, that I discovered I had a real passion for it.  I enrolled in a local art center and my teacher and friend, Cecilia, encouraged me tremendously and helped me channel and refine my artistic creativity.  I have always admired artists such as Pablo Picasso,  Frida Kahlo and  Wichie Torres.  I have been deeply moved and influenced by their work and the work of many others.