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  • Increase
  • Reichman
  • Josephine Dorothea Reichman (birth name) Mrs. E. Kendall Davis
  • Robinson
  • Kendall Davis (Iowa City, Iowa 1909-April 1987) received a business administration degree in 1929 and a law degree in 1932 from the University of Iowa; Illinois state director of the Federal Theater Project in the late 1930s (when they met); served in the Navy during WWII; after 1946, Sacramento Municipal Utility District General Manager  
  • Baron Philip Increase Robinson (?-1920s); from Calumet, Michigan; married circa 1913
  • Philip Robinson Esther Robinson
  • April 2, 1885
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • October 16, 1981
  • Sacramento, California
  • 7136 Crandon Ave., Hyde Park, Illinois

    circa 1943 Corpus Christi, Texas

    1946: Sacramento, California
  • Chicago, Illinois

    Sacramento, California
  • Muralist, Painter
  • :   graduated 1909: Hyde Park High School, Hyde Park, Illinois
    Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts
    University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
    The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
    Woodstock, New York
    student of John Norton, Ernest Thurn, Hans Hofman
    University of California
  • Array
  • 1926: The Art Club: First Annual Student Art Exhibition, The Renaissance Society, Chicago, Illinois

    1927-1935: Annual Exhibition of Works by Chicago and Vicinity Artists, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois (6 times)

    1930, 1932: International Water Color Exhibition, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    1932: Annual Exhibition of Oil Paintings & Sculpture by American Artists, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    1933, 1934: A Century of Progress Exhibition of Paintings & Sculpture, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago Woman’s Aid Club, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois [solo]

    Cordon Club, Chicago, Illinois [solo]

    Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California

    Illinois Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago, Illinois

    Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Northern California Art Association

    Kingsley Club, Sacramento, California

    Sacramento Art Association League, Sacramento, California

    Tuesday Club, Sacramento, California
  • Nikolitch, Patricia A. “Robinson, Increase” in Women Building Chicago 1790-1990: A Biographical Directory, University of Indiana Press, 2001.
  • Chicago Arts Club, Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago Society of Arts, Chicago, Illinois
  • Teacher

    ?-1933: Owner of Diana Court Art Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

    1934: Regional Director of PWAP Region Ten

    1934 - Regional Director of PWAP Region Ten

    1934 - 1935 - Advisor to the Illinois Treasury Relief Art Project (TRAP)

    1935 - Director of the Art Department, Work and Rehabilitation Division, Illinois Emergency Relief Commission (IERC)

    August 1935 - Project Technician, Planning and Formation of the Illinois Art Project

    1935 - Region Director of the Illinois Federal Art Project

    October 7, 1935-March 1, 1938 - Illinois State Director of the Federal Art Project

    1933-1938: State Director of the Federal Art Project in Illinois

    1938-1939: assistant to Holger Cahill, national director of Federal Art Project

    arts administrator

    operated an art gallery in Sacramento, Califorinia
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  • Frederick J. and Josephine Lemos Reichmann; he made a fortune in rails and freight; she was a painter