Grace Betts

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  • Grace
  • May
  • Betts
  • Gay Betts
  • Betts
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • 1883
  • New York, New York
  • 1978
  • Yucaipa, California
  • 4125 Lake Ave, Chicago, Illinois

    600 4th St/PO Box 1074, Del Mar, California

    Theosophical Society and Universal Brotherhood headquarters, Point Loma, California

    1936-1946: Laguna Beach, California

    1948-1954: Carlsbad, California

    1964-1978: Salome, Arizona and Beaumont and Calimesa, California
  • Chicago, Illinois

    Point Loma, California

    Laguna Beach, California
  • Batik, Illustrator, Muralist, Painter
  • student of Jane and Edwin Betts, her parents
    1903: graduated with honors School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; attended on a scholarship starting in 1900
  • Cuba, where she taught at the Theosophical Society's Raja Yoga Academy

    New Mexico and Arizona
  • Array
  • 1904, 1905+?: Annual Exhibition of Water Colors, Pastels and Miniatures by American Artists, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    2015: Western American Art: South of the Sweet Tea Line 4, Booth Western Art Museum, Georgia: Maria Montoya Martinez

    October 18, 2019-April 19, 2020: The Path of the Mystic: Art & Theosophy at Lomaland, San Diego History Center, San Diego, California

    Laguna Beach Museum of Art
  • Santa Fe Railroad Company

    All Tribes Indian Center, Chicago, Illinois

    Bowen Museum of Cultural Art, Santa Ana, California

    John H. Vanderpoel Art Association,
  • Kovinick, Phil and Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick. An Encyclopedia of Women Artists of the American West (American Studies Series). Austin, Texas: University of Texas Press, 1998.

  • Father was Edwin Daniel Betts Sr. (1847-1915) and mother was

    Her brothers were Louis L. (1873-1961), Edwin Daniel, Jr. (1879-1915) and Harold Harrington (1881-1951); her sister was Vera.