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  • Fritzi
  • Schermer
  • Fredericka Schermer Brod
  • Brod
  • Oswald ("Ozzie") Brod native Austrian living in America; on a buying trip for Brentano's New York, New York when the met; transferred to Chicago before they married in 1924
  • June 16, 1900
  • Prague, Bohemia (Czechoslovakia)
  • December 1952
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Caucasian
  • Prague


    1924-1952:  Chicago
  • Chicago
  • Block Printer, Engraver, Lithographer, Painter-Oil, Watercolorist
  • Lycee, Prague,
    Art Institute, Prague
    Kunstgewerbeschule, Vienna, Austria
    1932: started private lessons with A. Raymond Katz, Chicago, Illinois
  • Array
  • 1932-?: Little Gallery, Chicago, Illinois; [1932: solo]

    1933: Tower Town Gallery, Chicago, Illinois [solo]

    1934: Findlay Galleries [solo]

    1934, 1935, 1937, 1938, 1940-1945: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    1934-1951 (except 1935, 1937, 1945, 1947): Chicago and Vicinity Exhibition, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    1935: Boulevard Gallery, Chicago, Illinois [solo]

    1935: Chicago Woman's Aid Gallery [solo]

    1936: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois [solo]

    1936: Rockford Art Association, Rockford, Illinois [solo]

    1937: Chicago Society of Artists Exhibition, Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois

    1937: Rockford Art Association, Rockford, Illinois; Setting the Table

    1938: Albright Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York

    1938: Cornell University, Ithaca, New York [solo]

    1938: Theobald Galleries, Chicago, Illinois [solo]

    1939: Detroit Institute of Art, Detroit, Michigan

    1939: Milwaukee Art Institute, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    1939, 1946, 1947: New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois [solo]

    1939: Toronto Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

    1940: Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri

    May 1941: [exhibit announced in 5/18 Chicago Tribune]

    1942, 1945, 1946: National Academy of Design, New York, New York

    December 9, 1943-January 30, 1944: The Room of Chicago Art: Paintings by Fritzi Brod, Joshua Kaganove, Alice Mason and Dan Palumbo, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    1943, 1944: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois [solo]

    1944: Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, Ohio

    1944: The Norlyst Galleries, New York, New York

    1945: Los Angeles Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California

    1946: Pictures up to $20.00, The Renaissance Society, Chicago, Illinois

    1947: The Cordon, Chicago, Illinois [solo]

    1947: Elgin Academy Art Gallery, Elgin, Illinois [solo]

    1947: Zikes Galleries, Prague, Czechoslovakia [solo]

    1948: Benedict Art Gallery, Hull House, Chicago, Illinois [solo]

    1948: Chicago Public Library, Chicago, Illinois [solo]

    1948: Palmer House Galleries, Chicago, Illinois [solo]

    1948: Riccardo Studio Gallery, Chicago, Illinois [solo]

    1949-1952: Artist Members Exhibition, The Renaissance Society, Chicago, Illinois; [April 2-29, 1950: solo]

    1950: Chicago Public Library, Chicago, Illinois [solo]

    1953: memorial exhibit, Renaissance Society and Chicago Society of Artists, Mandel Brothers Department Store, Chicago, Illinois

    1983: After the Great Crash: New Deal Art in Illinois, Illinois State Museum, Springfield, Illinois

    November 5-December 12, 1993: The 'New Woman' in Chicago, 1910-45, Paintings from Illinois Collections, Rockford College Art Gallery, Rockford, Illinois; Self-Portrait (Peasant Blouse), 1934, oil on panel

    January 19, 1994-March 18, 1994: The 'New Woman' in Chicago, 1910-45, Paintings from Illinois Collections, Illinois Art Gallery, Chicago, Illinois; Self-Portrait (Peasant Blouse), 1934, oil on panel

    September 11, 1994-October 14, 1994: The 'New Woman' in Chicago, 1910-45, Paintings from Illinois Collections, Illinois State Museum, Lockport, Illinois; Self-Portrait (Peasant Blouse), 1934, oil on panel

    2004: Jewish American Artists Club, Chicago, Illinois

    February 3 - April 2, 2006: Art in Chicago, Resisting Regionalism, Transforming Modernism, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Self-Portrait (Peasant Blouse), 1934, oil on panel

    ?-May 15, 2015: Realism to Abstractionism: Tennessee Painting 1920 to 1970, Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, Tennessee

    The Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany, New York

    The American Institute of Graphic Arts, New York, New York

    The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York

    The Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio

    The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio

    Connecticut Academy of the Fine Arts, Hartford, Connecticut

    Indiana Society of Printmakers, Indianapolis, Indiana

    Laguna Beach Art Association, Laguna Beach, California

    Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

    Mandel Brothers Department Store Galleries, Chicago, Illinois

    The Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, New York

    Mississippi Art Association, Jackson, Mississippi

    Oakland Art Gallery, Oakland, California

    Oklahoma Art Center

    The Print Club of Albany, Albany, New York

    Riverside Museum, New York, New York

    Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington

    The Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio

    University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Wichita Art Association, Wichita, Kansas

    The Wilmington Society of Fine Arts, Wilmington, Delaware

  • Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Evanston, Illinois

    Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois

    Elgin Academy, Elgin, Illinois

    Elgin State Hospital, Elgin, Illinois

    Falconer School, Chicago, Illinois

    Funston School, Chicago, Illinois

    Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville, Tennessee

    McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas

    Marine Hospital, Cedarville, Louisiana

    National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

    New York Public Library, New York, New York

    Racine Art Museum, Racine, Wisconsin

    Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.

    South Bend Art Association

    Spertus Museum of Judaica, Chicago, Illinois

    Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tennessee State Museum

    Union League Club of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    John Vanderpoel Collection

    Washington School, Maywood, Illinois

    Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, New York
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  • American Color Print Society

    The Artists League of the Midwest

    Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago Society of Artists, Chicago, Illinois

    The Chicago Woman's Salon

    No-Jury Society, Chicago, Illinois [vice-president]

    Philadelphia Water Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1937: bronze medal, Chicago Society of Artists, Chicago, Illinois

    1938: silver medal, Chicago Society of Artists, Chicago, Illinois

    1944: one of 50 best prints, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.; Woman Asleep, 1940, lithograph

    1945: third prize, The Chicago Newspaper Guild

    1948: honorable mention, Joslyn Memorial Museum, Omaha, Nebraska; lithograph
  • Archives of American Art: Fritz Brod Papers (1932-1977), Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
  • textile designer in Prague and Chicago

    decorative painting for the Balaban and Katz movie theaters throughout Chicago

    published Decorative Design, Pitman Publishing Corp., 1958; 200 Motifs and Designs, 1945, and Flowers in Nature and Design, 1947 and Flowers to Color
  • Born into a wealthy Jewish family.  Daughter of Siegfried Schermer (Sephardic Jew) and Auguste Schermer (from a prosperous family of brewers and farmers); sister of Anton Schermer and Magdalena Schermer.  Her mother dabbled in decorative paitning of china and fans