Elizabeth McKay

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  • Elizabeth
  • Mears
  • McKay
  • James R. McKay married June 19, 1867 early settler of Chicago, Illinois;
  • Mrs. McKay LeRoy Mrs. Albert W. Goodrich James M. MacKay Robert M. MacKay Nathan M. MacKay
  • graduate St. Mary’s School, Burlington, New Jersey
    Mrs. McAuley’s, New York, New York
    student of Laurence Earle
    student of Ella White, Pasadena, California
    student of Leopold Racony, Paris, France
    student of August Rodin, Paris, France
  • Reception Committee of the Cercle de l'Alliance Francaise; president

    Dante Alighieri Society; Honorary Vice President

    Daughters of the American Revolution
  • father: Nathan Mears (Billerica, Massachusetts December 30, 1815-?); father was Nathan Sr. (?-1828), a merchant and land owner, selectman; his mother died 1828; attended Billerica Academy


    came to Chicago 1850