Amy McCormick

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  • Amy
  • Irwin
  • Adams
  • Aime Amy D.H. Irwin
  • McCormick
  • Robert R. McCormick (Col.)
  • April 15, 1880
  • Fort Riley, Kansas
  • August 14, 1939
  • Wheaton, Illinois
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • 1929: Fine Arts Building, Chicago, Illinois
  • Painter-Oil
  • Chicago Academy of Fine Arts; student of Ralph Clarkson, William Henderson and Lawton Parker
    Student of W. Goldbeck
  • Dresden as a child

    1915: Russia

  • Array
  • 1928: Woman World Fair, Chicago, Illinois

    1929-1933: two exhibits at Chester Johnson Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

    1940: Paintings of, by, and collected by Mrs. Robert R. McCormick, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
  • Surgeon General's Library, Washington, DC

    Passavant Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois
  • Chicago Artists Guild, Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago Arts Club, Chicago, Illinois
  • Bulliet, C.J. “Artists of Chicago Past and Present: Amy Irwin McCormick,” Chicago Daily News, May 22, 1937
  • C.J. Bulliet article on Illinois Historical Art website
  • Parents:  Gen. Bernard J.D. and Nettie S. Irwin; he was Scotch-Irish, surgeon and soldier in Civil War and Indian wars; she was born in Illinois

    Siblings:  Ida S. (born circa 1867)

    George L. (born circa 1868)